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Leeza's Tour Of Poses

All Classes • 41m

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  • Ariadne's Open Hearts & Open Mind

    We're thrilled to add Ariadne to our site as an instructor! In her first class, Ariadne will guide you through a short sequence to help open the heart and the shoulders. After a day of hunching at our desks and driving through traffic, we tend to gather tension in our shoulders and neck. Heart op...

  • Nikka's Loving Kindness Meditation

    In this class, Nikka will guide you through a short 25 minute Loving Kindness Meditation. The meditation will help you lower stress, activate empathy and emotional processing, increase positive emotions and decrease negative emotions. Hopefully, you may also fine that meditation will increase you...

  • Leeza's Twist Out

    It's awesome to welcome Leeza Yurchenko to our site! Leeza's first class is focused on helping you detox and release tension with twisting postures. Twisting poses offer many benefits, twisting is a great way to help detox the body and twisting is also beneficial for a healthy spine. In some case...